Mobile Apps Workshop




1. How to open server account & activate

2. App Builder In A Glance

3. How to Create An App  A to Z in a glance

4. How to Send Request for Apk Activation for workshop participants

5. How to Activate APK for Subscribers

6. How To Send For Bug Support

7. How to Choose A Template

8. How to Select A Layout

9. How To Use Ipiccy

10. How to Use Gimp.Org

11. How to use light image resizer for multiple image resize

12. How To Use Cooltext.Com

13. How to Find Free Commercial Tag Icons

14. Find Images Allowed For Commercial Use

15. How to open google play developer account

16. How to open apple developer account

17. How to publish to google play store

18. How to open Mac In Cloud Server For Window Users

19. How To Submit For IOS Source Code 

20. How To Send For Support

21. How To Create Package Name

22. How To Upload Images

23. How To Unlock Apps

24. How To Adjust Hompage Tab Icon Colours

25. How To Use Previewer

26. How To Design Screenshots

27. How To View Apps In Development

28. How To Open Admob Account

29. How to Generate Admob ID

30. How To Open PayPal Account

31. How To Upgrade From Personal Pay Pal to Business

32. How To Get  PayPal API for Shopping Cart & Ecommerce

33. How To Create PayPal Button

34. How To Create Online Payment Account

35. How To Create Payment Form

36. How To Create Internal Link

37. How To Use Editor > Design

38. How To Use Editor > Colour

39. How To Use Editor > Feature

40. How To Use Editor > Application

41. How To Use Editor > Publication

 42. How To Import & Eksport

 43. How To Set App So That Users Can Use Offline

 44. How to Activate or Deactivate Pages

 45. How to Allow User To Share To Social Media

 46. How To Set Google Map API

 47. How to Embed YouTube Link

 48. How To Embed Google Map HTML

Note From Us:

Thank you for using AppsMasterBuilder.Com as the platform to build your own apps or building apps for your clients / customers.

We are doing our best to update & answer all questions via videos & setting up more written modules tutorials to even also help the non-able individuals like the deaf, to be able to create apps using our system.

We would appreciate if you have any issues or problems in building your apps to direct your questions via the bug ticket support.

This is in order for us to work together with our programmers to resolves the issues and also to create more videos in answering your question that might also be the same questions faced by others.

Please refer tutorial modules here:

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We are still an app builder that continues to developed our system to make it easier to everybody to build apps and published into Google Playstore & Apple AppsStore. We know many things still needed to be done to improve the platform and we sincerely appreciate all support and assistance that we have from all our core graduates. 

We acknowledge the platform server requires more improvements & we appreciate all positive recommendations to be submitted via the form so that we are able to gives more higher satisfaction in your app building experience. We are committed to add more feature pages & improvements to the current feature pages. Please do bear with us as there are many SDK's & API's updates that is continuously done by Google & Apple and also all the other supports pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We will never be perfect as IT keep on changing, however it is in our commitment to gives you the best & easiest app building server experience. Your support in giving positive recommendations & improvements plus renewing & continuing your subscription with us will help us in our future developments.

We plan to build a stronger community that loves building apps the simple way, save money rather than engage 3rd party developers and develop simple but unique apps that have the potential to generate substantial income the right way. 

Please do take note, our target objective is to build customizable apps that is within our app building server platform are able to be use. If you need more higher customization, you requires CSS & HTML knowledge and we are able to support with some limitations. If you requires highly customized apps, please contact your programers that will be able to deliver that kind of apps for you.

Do join our full 1 Day, 3 Days & 6 Days workshop to update your knowledge & learn direct from us on success app building steps by steps. Do contact us to know more info on our workshop.

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